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Affiliate programs


affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs - what are they?

A few words that will introduce you to the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing that gives benefits to all its participants. It involves the relationship between three roles: advertiser, client, and publisher. The advertiser owns service or product, the client needs it, and the publisher helps them find each other. In this way, the advertiser increases sales and brand awareness, the client gets what he/she wants, and the publisher receives a predetermined commission.

Currently, more and more companies existing on the Internet are opting for affiliate marketing. It is a combination of whisper marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, and social media and allows reaching a huge number of recipients subtly and elegantly. Additionally, making partner programs is easy and effective.

As a publisher, your task is to reach active clients, that is those who will perform some activity. There are many, and depending on the model, this activity may be leaving your contact details, installing the software, or purchasing the product. When the activity is performed using your unique link, the advertiser will pay you a commission.

The promotion of products and services is profitable almost everywhere. You can use your website, social media, mailing databases, blogs, discussion boards, paid advertising tools, and many more. We do not limit you in the form of promotion - you can advertise sales pages exactly how you want it.

Three main settlement methods specify the required customer activity:

You can promote affiliate programs in many ways. Besides the promotion on your website, you can use social media, mailing databases, blogs, discussion forums, paid advertising tools, and more. Do not limit yourself - you can advertise sales pages exactly how you want it. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular among companies operating on the Internet as they wish to increase their sales, too.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and effective ways to make money on the Internet. There are three ways to settle the money:

affiliate programs COD model

Model COD

Cash on Delivery

In the COD (Cash on Delivery) model, the remuneration is received for acquiring a customer who has expressed an interest in the product and to whom the package with cash-on-delivery was sent. Similarly to the CPS programs, COD requires the purchase, but the moment of payment is entirely different. This is a great solution for small and new companies that are still earning the trust of customers. Their customers may prefer to pay with cash on delivery when they have the product in their hands.

On the Internet, there are users who, regardless of knowledge of the brand, do not opt for online transactions. They may have some concerns about whether someone will deceive them or not, or they are not familiar with online banking. If you recognize this type of person in your niche, it will be better to choose the COD programs instead the CPS programs.

Online stores also dominate among advertisers in this model, however, the commission in this model is usually fixed. To receive it, the customer has to pay for the shipment.

affiliate programs PPI model

Model PPI

Pay per Install

PPI (Pay per Install) programs require the client to download and install the application on a computer or mobile device. They can be very diverse - it can be a game or optimization software. What connects them is that the download is always free for the customer, and the application itself is completely secure and does not threaten the device.

These programs are usually intended for global promotion, and the commission may vary depending on the client's country of origin and device operating system. Usually, the rate is fixed, not a percentage.

Remember! The publisher cannot install the applications he/she promotes.

affiliate programs CPS model

Model CPS

Cost per sale

The CPS (cost per sale) is the most popular form of affiliate settlement. It requires the customer to make a purchase, usually physical items. Therefore, it is the most attractive form for online stores, which dominate among advertisers in the CPS model. The commission is usually defined in a percentage form. This means that the higher the value of the customer's basket, the more commission you receive.

Cookies are an additional help. Thanks to them, customer activity is not required immediately. If the client returns to the advertiser's website during the cookie lifetime and makes a purchase, you will still receive the commission.

affiliate programs CPL model

Model CPL

Cost per lead

The CPL programs mean cost per acquisition (acquisition of a client). They require the customer to create an account on the portal, or correctly complete the contact form that will be used later for marketing purposes. All activities in this model do not require any financial operations from the client. Therefore, it will be easy to get them, and the amount on your account should increase quickly. Usually, the predefined commission is fixed and indicates the amount for acquiring one customer.

Considering the fact that most organizations are interested in attracting customers, in the CPL program offer you will find a variety of categories, ranging from lotteries and competitions, ending with business and bank loans.

affiliate programs CPA model

Model CPA

Cost per action

CPA ( cost per action ) affiliate programs require the client to perform a specific action. It can be, for example, providing the credit card details, or downloading and playing a mobile game. Along with the amount of commission, the advertisers determine the type of action they want. In this model, the commission is usually defined in a fixed form, not a percentage.

In this model, you will also find our own programs based on the premium SMS charges.

On our website, we have also posted our own "wall of offers" - a modernized list of tasks to complete. Use it to increase your achievements.

Affiliate programs in Poland

Many stories tell about the beginnings of affiliate marketing. The most popular opinion assumes that Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is its founder. Two years after starting the company (1996), he launched the first affiliate program. Probably, he was inspired by a conversation with the writer during a social meeting. He offered her the promotion of the book on his website, for which he charged a certain percentage on each sale.

Since then, the affiliate market is only getting better. Twenty years later, in 2016, affiliation accounted for 7% of all online advertising in Poland, and the market value was PLN 210 million. In Western Europe, affiliate programs are even more common and account for 13-15% of online advertising expenditure.

The time costs associated with the search for each other by publishers and advertisers turned out to be so unfavorable that affiliate networks mediating this relationship have become extremely popular. It is estimated that 83% of advertisers use their services.

2018 affiliate programs

May 25, 2018 - this date still frightens many entrepreneurs. That day, the GDPR came into force. The affiliate market also did not remain indifferent to the upcoming changes. Many experts have reported the collapse of all online marketing. They assumed that the GDPR would limit contact with clients and, as a consequence, the affiliate marketing will not be profitable.

However, statistical data prepared in 2019 show that these changes proved to be favorable. The emergence of a problem has led to new solutions. Regulations and contracts were updated, and tools improving the promotion process, such as push notifications, have gained popularity. The affiliate market was cleared of spam, and thus the effectiveness of affiliate programs increased.

Affiliate programs in Poland today and in the future

Polish affiliate programs

In 2019, a broad knowledge of one's niche turned out to be extremely important, and the idea of customer profiling has gained popularity. Customers began to receive offers that they are really interested in. This resulted in increased activity, and as a consequence, a higher profit both for publishers and advertisers. The clients were finally convinced that the offers are worth paying attention to and that they are not full of lies and cheap marketing gimmicks. As a result, they were more eager to take advantage of proposals requiring them to invest in money, and the popularity of affiliate programs promoting cryptocurrencies and Forex has increased.

Mobile devices, voice search, as well as chatbots, allowing professional 24/7 customer service, have also gained popularity.

The year 2019 also meant going beyond the local market and creating campaigns on a global scale. Their easy and quick promotion is possible with smartlinks that automatically redirect the client to the portal available in the local language.

Affiliate programs in the future

It is estimated that affiliate marketing will grow by about 10% per year, and in 2020, in the US, its value will be $ 6.8 trillion.

When so much money is involved, proper education is needed. The MyLead team provides a set of training materials as well as 24/7 support. By analyzing statistics, they aim to create appropriate tools that will facilitate online promotion. You can read more about them here:

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