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Apple Affiliate Programs

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Apple became the world’s very first trillion-dollar company in 2018. Since then, it’s reached a market cap of a whopping $2 trillion as of 2020. Its value is only increasing with a growing number of people turning to apple products to make their lives a whole lot easier. From iPhones to MacBooks to iPods to Apple Watches, the Apple company’s innovative flair knows no bounds! According to Apple Reports, the company has over 1.5 billion active devices worldwide at the moment. This number is only going to increase with the beaming popularity of the tech giant. 

How Do Affiliates Cash in on Apple’s Ever-Growing Success?

Apple has undeniably become the tech standard on a global scale – the company has set a strong precedent that makes people feel “richer” for having an Apple product in the house. Well, what more could affiliate marketers ask for?

Apple is one of those companies whose products practically sell themselves. The launch of a new Apple device or a service is always a huge hype in the tech community. Fortunately, they provide the opportunity to earn good money to their affiliates worldwide by offering tons of Apple Affiliate Programs! Their main affiliate scheme is called the Performance Partners Program that includes different programs like the Apple TV Affiliate Program, iTunes Music Affiliate Program, Apple Books Affiliate Program, to name a few. So, you can promote a whole lot of things like their TV subscription, movies, news, music, and books. All they ask of you is to fill an application and they’ll get back to you within a week. After that, you’ll have access to the main dashboard where you’ll get your personalized token to promote their content. You can add it to the end of every link as a suffix – the only way you’ll get your due credit for a lead. 

The Apple Affiliate Program commission rates tend to vary between 2.5% to 7% in general for every sale including movies, music, iBooks, and TV. If you want to go for the iTunes Downloads Affiliate Program, it pays 2.5% for every sale you generate! Alternatively, movies, TV, and iBook sales pay you a generous 7% on each sale! On the other hand, the Apple Music Affiliate Program will earn affiliates a one-time bounty of 100% of the first month of subscription. 

All you need to do is to promote Apple’s widely-popular services among an audience of your own! It shouldn’t be as challenging because Apple services are highly convenient for everyone – it’s a win-win situation! If you don’t already have a platform of your own, you could start today! A lot of affiliate marketing websites offer you a platform to promote whatever you want! You could even make your own website since it’s practically all automated now! Start a blog – it could be about music, the latest happenings, or anything relevant to the different affiliate programs offered by Apple. Make change happen today by joining the ever-increasing Apple Affiliate Network!

Apple is a huge brand that everyone knows and most people own some of its products. Apple has a lot of products including an Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, Apple TV, Apple iPad, Apple Mac, and obviously, an Apple iPhone. Apple also has innovative technologies and features like Apple ID and Apple Music. And now, you can help your audience choose the best Apple Affiliate Programs that are suitable for Apple devices, including Apple iPhones and Apple Macs. Once your Apple audience is gathered, it doesn't matter what it's looking for. You can use that to your advantage! Just take a look around the MyLead's offer and immerse yourself in Apple Affiliate Programs. We have prepared a list of Apple Affiliate Programs that will be useful to you in terms of earning and to your audience in terms of... well, their usability.  

Top 7 the best Apple Affiliate Programs

  1. Affiliate program NordVPN
    Rate: 32,00%
    Type: CPS
  2. Affiliate program Gamehag
    Rate: $0.4 - 3.18
    Type: CPA
  3. Affiliate program RusVPN
    Rate: $7.07 - 58.66
    Type: CPA
  4. Affiliate program Red Dead Redemption 2
    Rate: $0.81
    Type: CPL
  5. Affiliate program RF Online
    Rate: $0.42
    Type: CPL
  6. Affiliate program eToro iOS
    Rate: $190.43
    Type: CPA
  7. Affiliate program CoolAir
    Rate: $35.35
    Type: COD


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Apple is as timeless and will always remain the most original to brand product you will ever find


I admire the products of apple technology.

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