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Captacha Locker
Content Locker on MyLead


Captcha Locker is highly effective because its appearance reminds of the well-known system of protection against bots - reCAPTCHA. To access the content you have blocked, the users will be prompted to confirm that they are humans. However, the verification will not rely on selecting the images with the buses or rewriting the code from the image, but in completing at least one offer from the list.

Use the Locker

Why Captcha lockers on MyLead?

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The reCAPTCHA verification system is known to users from various services, therefore, they are used to its presence when performing activities on the Internet. Thanks to this, when a Captcha Locker appears on your website informing your recipients about the need for verification, they will go through all the steps probably very intuitively.
Locker works on mobile devices


Smartphones these days are a very popular tool used for browsing websites. They are portable, lightweight, and we almost always have them with us. For this reason, it is necessary to match your traffic sources and tools to smartphones. Captcha Locker on MyLead is available for all mobile devices.
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Captcha Locker is a tiny window on the website. It does not take up much space, and yet it generates a wide range of possibilities. Due to the similarity to reCAPTCHA, using it is very intuitive, and therefore incredibly effective.
List of Content Lockers offers created by you


What do you expect from your audience? What will you want for access to blocked content? You can decide for yourself which types of offers will appear on your list. The users will have to perform at least one task from the list to use the needed materials.

The knowledge you need to gain before using Captcha Locker

Placing Captcha Locker on your website is very simple. Go to the "Content Locker" tab in the user panel. Next, generate a code and paste it into your webpages. You do not have to complete the forms or wait for verification.

Try our Content Lockers

Try Captcha Locker

If you are still not convinced that Captcha Locker is the ideal tool for you, try the demo version below. It will allow you to check how Captcha Locker works in practice and see if its functionality suits you.

Is Captcha Locker for me?

If, after using the demo, you are still not sure whether the presented tool is suitable for you, or you have additional questions, we are ready to help you.

You can ask our 24/7 active support or order a professional analysis of your website. We will suggest which tools are best to increase your earnings, and we will also provide ready-made ideas for advertising materials. .

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