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Content Locker

Content Locker is also known as an empty offer. It creates a way to earn money on your service by blocking a certain part of your website.

For example, this can be a further part of the article or special premium content. If users want to receive access to that item, they must first complete at least one task from the list.

On MyLead, you can generate four different types of Content Lockers. They all work on mobile devices and are easy to install. Check which one is best for you.

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Content Locker

CPA Content Locker

Block access to elements of your website and earn money
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Content Locker


Verify users and generate profit
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Content Locker


Block access to files, share interesting material and gain
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Content Locker


Earn effectively on your mobile applications
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Conten Locker

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Join the MyLead affiliate network and get access to all Content Lockers immediately after creating a free account.

Why Content lockers on MyLead?

Effective solution to monetize website


All Content Lockers contain ideas and elements tested on broad customer groups. This helped us select and implement only those with the highest efficiency.
Felxibility solution


You can adjust almost every element of Content Lockers. You can also use CSS to take advantage of the tool's 100% capabilities.
Hundreds offers of Content Locker


In our Content Lockers, you will find hundreds of offers allowing incentivized traffic. You can also choose what types of offers will be displayed to your customers.
Global work of our Content Lockers


The offers in our Content Lockers work globally. You can customize their texts, and thus preparing their local versions.
Quick Access to Content Lockers


You do not have to submit any requests to access Content Lockers. To start using them, all you need is a free MyLead account.
Content Locker graphic version


During the process of building Content Lockers, we were following the most modern graphics and UX trends. Each Content Locker has a number of graphic versions.

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