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The most frequently asked questions

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Questions regarding: General questions


Under what circumstances can an account be deleted?

An account can be deleted in the event of its ban - then it is closed. Banning may take place when generating frauds or breaking any other point of the MyLead regulations accepted at registration. It can also be removed at the user's request, directly through the user's settings.


Why was my account blocked?

Blocking may take place when generating low-quality traffic, generating frauds or breaking any other point of the MyLead regulations accepted at registration.

If you want to appeal, please contact us via the contact form available here. Please provide as much information as possible to help us investigate the situation carefully.


Can I contact you by phone?

Of course, you can also contact us by phone. If you need to talk to our specialists from the affiliate team or marketing team, just go to the "Contact" tab and select the appropriate number.


Where can I talk to other publishers?

You can chat with other publishers in the MyLead chat. Once you're there, you can also direct your question to support members. You can also use private messages or Discord. A Facebook group was also created for MyLead publishers. Join her now and stay up to date: CLICK.


How to start earning?

It’s easy - just create an account on our site, choose one of the available affiliate programs and add your own configuration of the selected program. To configure it, enter the name of the configuration and choose one of the several available rates (it is up to you which one you choose, thereby how much you earn in a given program). Once you do this, you can download the generated affiliate link. Share it in a place where in your opinion may be people interested in a particular product, service or contest and start the promotion.

If you want to know more, then read the guide that will thoroughly introduce you to the world of online earning. The guide is available HERE.


How to join the program?

To create an account on the MyLead, please register at: Registration requires acceptance of the MyLead regulations.


Has anyone already earned in MyLead?

We have almost 200,000 registered users, to whom we have paid a total of several million dollars. Our publishers earn money with us every day.


Do you need to have your own website or blog to promote MyLead programs?

There's no need to. Much depends on the selected affiliate program. Some of them require your own website, others don't. MyLead programs can be promoted on your websites, blogs but you can also earn money without being the owner of the portal. Affiliate links can be shared in private messages to friends, as signatures on online forums, groups on, in emails. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. It is also good to check the restrictions of a given program to make sure that the promotion idea is acceptable.


Can I advertise MyLead on Facebook and other social networks?

Yes, this is one of the ways to promote MyLead affiliate programs. Remember, however, that it is not worth spamming the link wherever you can, because someone who is not interested in the competition or quiz you promote will not use the link and will not bring you profit. It is better to promote our affiliate programs where you can actually find the target group, i.e. people with specific interests, thematic groups, or fanpages on can be a good place. The exception to this is a small group of affiliate programs whose advertisers do not consent to advertising using social media. Before promoting a given program, check its restrictions.

It is also worth remembering that earning on Facebook is associated with certain limitations. You can read about how to bypass Facebook security in the free e-book. Click and read.


Can i make money by recommending MyLead to friends?

Of course, you can build your own network of MyLead partners by recommending our network to your friends. Use the referral link that you will find in your publisher's panel, in the "Profile" tab, and then select "Referrals". Every time someone registers using your link and this person will start to generate profit - you will also earn! From each lead generated by your friend, you will get 5%. The commission is generated additionally on the entire profit accumulated by your referrer - they do not lose anything. To build a passive income - it is enough to have many active referrals to earn money every day without promoting any MyLead programs. Our banners can also be used to collect referrals, on which the amount earned by you is displayed.

You can go to the "Referrals" tab by clicking HERE


What is Premium status and how to get it?

The "Premium" status entitles you to use affiliate programs based on earning at an increased cost. In order to obtain the "Premium" status in MyLead, you must complete an application in which you will describe the planned method of promotion, as well as the experience in earning through a premium rate SMS. You can also provide proof of withdrawal from other affiliate programs. 

The application can be found on the homepage of your publisher's panel, after logging in.


How is the money I earn paid out on MyLead?

The money are transferred to the bank account you specify, based on the invoice or bill generated by you in the publisher’s panel. We pay our partners immediately, no later than within 14 business days and usually within 48 hours since placing the order. We can also send your money via PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, or Bitcoin.

To request a withdrawal, you must go to the “Payments” tab in your publisher’s panel. You can go there by clicking HERE.


Do I have to run a business to earn money?

No, you don't need to have a business activity to earn money with MyLead. You just need to be an adult to earn money with us. However, it does need to be put into your Personal Income Tax.
+ What is a Postback API?

Postback API is a system that automatically and in real time sends data about all new leads that you receive on your account by placing a script on your server. This opens wide possibilities for the developer - both a private person and a company.

You can go to the postback API by clicking HERE.

+ Where can I find the MyLead regulations?

The regulations are public and you can read it at any time. It was also accepted by you during registration on the site. If you want to read the regulations now, you can find it HERE.

+ How can I contact you?

You have many ways to contact us - a Discord server, Messenger, live chat on MyLead, email, Skype. You can also contact our affiliate team specialists or marketing team by phone. We are waiting for you everywhere.

If you want to contact us, go to the "Contact" tab or log in to your publisher's panel.

+ What are the restrictions?

Restrictions are rules that you have to follow during the promotion of a given affiliate program. Each affiliate program has different restrictions, so before you start promoting, make sure that your promotion method is allowed on the affiliate program that you are interested in. 

+ Where can I find restrictions?

You can find the restrictions after clicking the "Details" button on the affiliate program you want to promote. You can also click on a given affiliate program and look at the "Terms of program promotion" section.

+ What is motivated traffic?

Motivated traffic is the opposite of natural traffic; in the vast majority of partner programs it is a forbidden practice to offer money, or other goods in exchange for using your affiliate link (motivating to perform the action).

+ What is SEM?

SEM is a form of marketing activities in search engines, including SEO (website positioning for particular keywords) and PPC (payment per click, the most popular form is Google AdWords). Advertisers may not like positioning on the phrase they use, or realization of campaigns in Google AdWords because such activities increase the costs of their own promotional activities in SEM.

+ What is co-registration?

Co-registration is, simply speaking, another offer. It is a combination of an affiliate program with the performance of another action, for example, encouraging the client to provide his/her personal data in another database. Some advertisers do not want to be connected with another affiliate program, so they prohibit such practices.

+ What does non incentive mean?

Most often concerns erotic programs. This means that you can not induce a sexual impulse from the recipient - a more expected form of promotion is to persuade him to use the offer by showing its real positives.

+ What is a classified ad?

Classified advertising is matching the advertisement to the individual needs / interests / other aspects of the recipients, so you can reach them more effectively. Some advertisers do not allow using this promotion technique.

+ What is RichMedia?

RichMedia are interactive ads, including advanced scripts, video, sound, or other elements that are designed to encourage the user to interact with the ad. They can pop up, appear, unroll or play movies. They also offer a set of data about the recipient's behavior, such as the number of clicks or the completion of video playback. Therefore, it is not a simple, textual or graphic campaign designed to attract only with text or aesthetics.

+ How do I delete an account on MyLead?

Remember that you do not have to delete your account on MyLead. It is completely free and even if you do not want to use it right now, it may be useful in the future. Additionally, in case of any problems with earning, or dissatisfaction with the MyLead offer, please contact us - we will be happy to help you!

If you want to delete your account, go to the "Profile" tab which you will find HERE. Then go to the “Delete your account” section. Select the reason for which you want to terminate the cooperation with MyLead and click "DELETE ACCOUNT". You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Remember that this is an irreversible decision, so please think about this carefully.

+ How do you change your email address on MyLead?

You can conveniently change your email address using the "Profile" tab which you will find HERE. In the "Personal data" section you will find the "E-mail" field. All you have to do is change the previously entered e-mail address. It is ready. 

Questions regarding: Partner program


Why did I get leads with a different amount of money than specified in the description of the affiliate program?

The reasons may be various. The main one is the exchange rate - advertisers can settle with MyLead in a different currency than the one in which we pay you - currency fluctuations result in slight changes in the amounts of the leads you receive. 

The situation is different for smartlinks, which combine tens or hundreds of different campaigns in one affiliate program. In this case, the fluctuations in leads amounts depend on a high rotation of advertisers, which results in changing the rates relatively often.

We make every effort to ensure that the rates in the affiliate program descriptions are always true. However, due to the reasons described above, the amounts you receive may differ from those presented in the descriptions. 


Why do I see the “Promote” icon for some partner programs and “Join” for others?

Some affiliate programs do not require waiting for advertiser verification - these programs have a “Promote” button. Others include the “Join” button which means that before you can promote a program, you have to be accepted by the advertiser. It usually lasts a few days, but we always try to make the whole process as fast as possible.


To join programs I have to provide my website. Can't I promote them if I do not have a website?

Promoting many programs first requires providing a link to the place on the web where you will place promotional links or banners. Note, however, that you can use not only portals, thematic pages, blogs but also thematic forums, mobile applications and price comparison websites. You can also choose Facebook or Twitter if you want to promote the program on one of these social media networks. Thereby, you do not have to be the owner of the website. Do not forget, however, that we live in times when owning the website is not a challenge.


How can I know what the store is selling or what the program is about? Do I have to join it first?

You do not have to, just go the link of a specific store (program) and browse its website. You also have a preview link available. With this, you can check whether it is an affiliate program for you, and whether it will match your website or promotion idea that has occurred to you.

+ Why do I have lead with 0 PLN in the panel?

Lead status depends on the advertiser and the affiliate program. Current leads are pending and will change into the amount to be paid after positive validation by advertisers, thus for now they are marked as 0 PLN.

+ How do you know which program is global?

If you want to know if the program you choose is global and you can use it on advertising from around the world, just click “Details” next to the selected program and then look at the information in “Countries” section. If there is a globe icon, it means you can earn from clients from all over the world.

+ What is the “Cookies” column on the list of programs?

Each program has an assigned duration of cookies (usually 30 days), which is the maximum time that can run from the moment you click on your affiliate link until the customer actually does shopping in the store you recommended him. This means that if someone enters the online store, for example, on Monday using your link, but does the shopping on Friday going directly from the browser, you will still get a commission for its purchase, because the cookies have not expired for this affiliate program yet.

Questions regarding: Affiliation


What is a website verification?

Some of the affiliate programs require you to have your own website. Otherwise, you will not be able to join it. You can add your own website in the "Traffic Source" ab. You can go to it by clicking HERE.

After entering your website address, social media profile, or any other internet site you have at your disposal, you must prove that the site belongs to you.


What is a smartlink?

Smartlink means a combination of dozens of affiliate programs that operate within one campaign. Thanks to this, you, as a publisher, can promote smartlinks all over the world, and the client will always be redirected to the portal available in the local language version.


What are offer comparison engines?

Offer comparison engines are a tool thanks to which you have access to all campaigns available in the comparison engine. The publisher receives the same commission for each campaign, and additionally does not need to have its own pre-lander because we have built it in the form of a comparison engine. On MyLead in the publisher's panel, you will find dating, loans, and casinos comparison engines.

Do you want to know more about offer comparison engines? Click here.


What is an offer tracker?

Trackers allow you to test several offers with one affiliate link. This means that you do not have to intuitively estimate whether a given campaign is profitable or not. With the offer tracker, you choose the campaign that works best and brings the highest profit.

You can read more about offer trackers HERE.


What do the abbreviations CPL, CPS, CPA, CPC, COD mean?

MyLead programs are billed in various models, marked with the abbreviations CPL, CPS, CPA, CPC. They represent a way of rewarding the partner who recommends the affiliate program.

CPL - the partner is paid for each lead generated by the user or for acquiring a customer. This may be, for example, expressing the desire to use a given service by leaving your contact details on the sales page.

CPS - remuneration is received for each sale, for example, in an online store recommended by the partner. The rate is usually expressed as a percentage of the contract value.

CPA - remuneration for the action performed by the client. An action can be, for example, purchasing access to a VOD service or sending an SMS at an increased cost.

CPC - the remuneration is paid for each click on the affiliate link or advertising banner, i.e. not for direct sales.

COD - remuneration for acquiring a customer who ordered the goods online and paid for the package on delivery.


What is a Postback?

Postback is a system that automatically and in real time sends data about all new leads that you receive on your account by placing the script on your server. This opens up wide opportunities for the developer - both a private person and a company.

You can go to postback by clicking HERE.


What is an API?

The API allows you to download affiliate offers from MyLead to another place, for example to your affiliate network.

Go to the API by clicking HERE.


What determines the percentage of transaction value I get in the CPS billing model?

You have no direct influence on the commission rate of programs settled in the CPS model. This amount is determined by online stores and companies that add their offer to the content network. However, if you achieve good results, high efficiency and considerable traffic, then you can count on increasing your rate and the ability to negotiate it.


What is a page verification?

After entering your website address, profile on social media, or any other place on the Internet that you have, you need to prove that the page belongs to you. You can do it in a very simple way - for example by placing the given token on your site or by adding the HTML code in the page source. You also have several other verification capabilities. Details can be found in the “Your websites” tab. You can go to it by clicking HERE.

+ How to verify the page?

If you own a website, you can make a verification by using Meta Tag or HTML comment. All you have to do is paste a short code, which you will receive from us, into the source of your website. By doing this, you will confirm that the site is your property.

If no verification method works, you can always contact us. We will help you. The verification will be done manually if you do not do it yourself.

+ I run a social media profile, how should I verify the website?

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, you can use a token. It is a series of numbers and letters that will allow you to verify the added page. Just paste them in the right place, for example, on your fanpage.

If this type of verification does not work, you can always contact us and we will help you.

+ What is a deeplink?

Deeplink is a link to subpage. You can place an affiliate link on your website that will transfer the user to a specific subpage of the advertiser’s website. The user will not have to go through the home page, search engine page or others.

+ How exactly does deeplink work?

Take a look at this example: you own a blog about shoes. You create an entry about a specific footwear model and you wish to monetize it. To do this, you can use the partner program of the shoe store in which for each sale on your recommendation, you will receive a profit. You place your own unique affiliate link that will take your users directly to the e-store home page. However, interested customers must find the product themselves, most often using a search engine. It can be done better. How?

Your readers can be directed straight into a specific product, thus they do not have to search for the thing themselves. In this case, it is easier to buy the reviewed shoes and pay for them. This situation looks much better, right?

+ Why is it worth to use deeplinks?

The answer is simple - to achieve much better conversion, thus higher profit. If you care about every single sale, you should also make sure that the customer can complete it without any problems and unnecessary, additional steps. Time is important for all of us and nobody wants to waste it. Deeplink eliminates this problem and speeds up the entire process.

+ How can you promote deeplinks?

Deeplink can be found in partner programs based on the CPS (Cost Per Sale) and CPL (Cost Per Lead) models. As part of these models, you get a percentage or predefined profit for sales from your recommendation. The commission you get depends on the chosen affiliate program.

+ How to configure deeplink correctly?

Customizing affiliate programs is very easy. First, go to the “Offers" tab and then choose the “List of Offers”. You will find it in the menu on the left. Then select the “Deeplinks” from the setting list. Now you can see partner programs that support deep-linking technology.

If you already have an affiliate program selected, click the "Join" button next to the program and then select "Deeplink". You will see a form that will help you create a deeplink.

If you need help with setup, then watch the video instructions that will thoroughly show you the entire process of creating deeplink. You will find it in a specially prepared article, HERE.

+ How does a tracking link work?

The parameters in the tracking link allow you to accurately determine the source of the lead. The tracking link means that you do not have to generate dozens of different configurations, you only need one with the tracking parameter. Due to this, you can use only one configuration and promote it on several websites, knowing at the same time where the lead comes from.

Data from tracking links can be found in the "Leads" tab, in the "Statistics" section of your publisher's panel and through the postback API. You can go to the "Leads" tab by clicking HERE.

+ How to create a tracking link?

Just add the appropriate parameters to your link. You have 5 parameters (ml_sub from 1 to 5) and you can use all of them. It may look like this:, where "test" will be the name by which you can distinguish this particular configuration.

Tracking links also work in PPI.

Questions regarding: Withdrawals


Does the withdrawal involve a commission?

MyLead offers many ways of making payments. Some of them may involve a commission. You will always see the information about the commission in a legible way when ordering a withdrawal in a given way.


How is the money I earn paid out by MyLead?

The money will be transferred to the bank account you indicated on the basis of the invoice you issued or the account you generated in the partner’s panel. We pay our partners on time, no later than 14 business days, and usually within 48 hours of submitting the application. We can send your money via PayPal, Skrill, Revolut,, or Bitcoin.

To request a withdrawal, go to the “Payments” tab in the panel. You can go there by clicking HERE.


How can I check how much I have earned?

After logging into your account on MyLead, you will get access to statistics.You can check there how many leads were generated by programs you promote, which programs have the best conversion and how much money you have earned so far. Earnings statistics are available for all programs as a total (on the home page of the publisher's panel, after logging into your account) for each program separately, and for each specific configuration of your programs. To obtain such data, you must enter the "Programs" tab and select the "Your configurations" option. On the configuration list you can check the number of unique visits, leads and current earnings.

Moreover, in the "Statistics" tab you can check your earnings from today, the last 7 and 30 days, as well as read the reports for particular programs.


How much do you have to earn to get a payout?

The minimum amount you can withdraw on MyLead is only USD 20 (except for Bitcoin withdrawals).

+ What if I do not earn a minimum of $ 20 in a given month? Do I lose my remuneration?

If you fail to collect $ 20 within one calendar month, the money will not disappear, but will be passed to the next month and each subsequent one until you collect the amount needed for withdrawal. 

+ What does the amount in the “Accepted” section mean?

In a small part, under the green tile on the homepage of your publisher’s panel, you will find a section called “Accepted”. The amount stated there means funds that require the final verification by the advertiser. Shortly after acceptation, the money will go to the “Your earnings” section. You cannot withdraw money if they are in the “Accepted” part. Remember that the amount in “Accepted” and “Your earnings” sections does not coincide - these are separate sections independent of each other.

Remember that not all affiliate programs operate on the basis of “Accepted”. Funds from the “Pending” section can go straight to “Your earnings”, and additionally leads from some partner programs immediately go to “Your earnings” without going through the “Accepted” section. It all depends on particular affiliate program. To get more information about the program that you are interested in, contact the support service.

+ What does the amount in the “Your earnings” section mean?

In the green tile on the homepage of your publisher’s panel, you will find a section called “Your earnings”. You can find there the amount of money that you can fully use - these funds have been checked and approved by the advertiser. You can completely manage this money and withdraw it to your bank account or online wallet.

+ I ordered my first payment - how long do I have to wait for it?

We usually process our withdrawals within 48 business hours but it may take a little longer for the first money you've earned to withdraw. According to the regulations, we have 14 working days to process it. This is due to safety issues - we need to verify the generated traffic, and thus the correctness of the way cash is acquired. The traffic will also be reviewed by the advertiser. Once everything is OK, your money will be paid out as soon as possible.

NOTE! If the publisher's traffic is suspicious, MyLead reserves the right to block the withdrawal.

Questions regarding: Content Locker


What is 2clicks?

This is a type of conversion in Pin Submit offers, in which the user on the landing page has to click to subscribe to the shared content, and then confirm the subscription, the so-called "with a second click". In practice, this may mean that the customer's task is to provide a phone number and then enter the PIN code on the website, which is sent to them via SMS. The subscription confirmation is to verify that the customer is aware of what they are signing up for.


What is a Content Locker?

Content Lockers are tools that allow you to block access to premium content: files, videos, and others. A user who wants to get access to the desired content will have to perform at least one action from the list, e.g. create an account. Each party is satisfied: the publisher makes money on it, and the user enjoys the access received.

You can read more about Content Lockers HERE.

On our blog you will also find Content Locker tutorials:

How to configure Content Lockers? CLICK

How to install Content Lockers? CLICK

How to choose affiliate programs for Content Lockers? CLICK 


How can I get earn on Content Lockers?

Thanks to using Content Lockers, you can easily monetize your traffic sources. Each time a visitor of your website wants to access blocked content, they must first complete one task. Once they do that, they get access to the desired content, and you get the money.

If you want to learn more about how to make money on Content Lockers, check how our publishers do it and click HERE

+ How to configure Content Lockers?

To use Content Lockers, log in to your panel. In the menu on the left, search for the Content Locker tab, then select CPA Locker from the drop-down menu. Now click the green button "Add a Locker". Enter all the necessary settings here for the basic, desktop, and mobile versions. Once you have completed all the steps, copy and paste the generated code onto your website. If you are unsure how to do this, check out our Content Locker guides. There, you will find information on how to configure it step by step. To go to the guide, click HERE. You can also watch our tutorial video HERE.

+ What do I have to do to use Content Lockers?

Content Locker is available to each user, right after creating an account. You don't need to have your own website to use its features. For example, if you want to use File Locker, you just need to configure it in your panel and then you will receive a link from us that will take your users to a dedicated landing page, but if you plan to promote your campaigns using your own website, check out our guides on how to build your first website.

Guide "Landing Page. Build your own website" CLICK

Then decide which of the available Content Locker types you want to use and configure on your website.

+ What tasks will the website users have to perform?

First of all, it depends on the type of Content Locker you choose. Our offer includes 4 different options:

Content Locker CPA

Captcha Locker

File Locker

Mobile Rewards

You have no direct influence on the offer, but you decide which task the user of your website will have to perform first in order to gain access to the blocked content or files. This can be, for example, creating an account, filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, and more. You also have the option of enabling and disabling individual offers in the country-specific to-do list.

With Mobile Rewards, you can offer your audience a certain number of points for completing a task. Thanks to this, they will be able to exchange the collected points for prizes. It's up to you what your users get. You can give them additional in-game bonuses in the form of weapon upgrades, virtual coins or hints, or access to premium content. Remember that Mobile Rewards is a tool that works only on mobile devices. You can apply it in your mobile application. 

Questions regarding: IVR


In what countries does IVR work?

At the moment, IVR works only in Poland.


In what countries does IVR work?

At the moment, IVR works only in Poland.


What is IVR?

IVR - Interactive Voice Response is a telecommunication system which allows you to earn on the customer through phone calls. This is how it looks in theory. In practice, it is connecting the user, using their own mobile phone, to an external call center company with whom they will have a paid conversation.


How to configure IVR?

IVR configuration is simple - all you need to do is go to the “IVR” tab in your publisher’s panel and ask for an individual extension number. 

+ How much will I earn on IVR?

The IVR rate depends on the number with an increased cost you will decide to choose. Detailed information can be found in the "IVR" tab in your publisher's panel. You can go to it by clicking HERE.

+ How can I get more IVR numbers?

If you want to get more numbers, contact our support. We will help you.

+ How to make money on IVR?

Making money on IVR is about promoting a service that is erotic or esoteric conversation. You can advertise IVR through your own website, landing page which we share for you, or by adding adverts on thematic portals using chat, messengers and more.

Questions regarding: PPI


The antivirus reports a warning when I try to open the installation file. Does the file contain viruses?

Absolutely not! Some antiviruses may show warnings that PPI installers contain malware, but this is false information and files do not contain viruses. This is because some advertisers have programs containing ads and the antiviruses automatically warn the client against Adware. This is a completely normal situation in this industry and we have solutions that minimize the detectability of this type of installers.

What is Adware?


Why am I getting different installation rates from the same country?

The situation is very similar to the previous question - we have solutions that eliminate or minimize the problem. We have introduced domain rotation and, in the event that the domain is blocked, we provide a new one.


I have been charged different rates for installation form the same country - why?

This is because every installation, even from the same country, may be different. It all depends on what offers the user will decide to install. They also depend on the device on which the client will install the program. Hence, there are many variables and their sum creates a profit for you. 


I have a website that is not related to downloading files - can I monetize it through PPI?

Of course - you can promote, for example, an advertising banner informing about the missing plugin which will bring you additional income, and at the same time will not disrupt the main functionality of the site. It is nothing more than the usual advertisement used by the largest internet portals.

+ How to promote installations?

There are many ways. You can place PPI installers on your own website, or promote them directly on various types of portals, social media or forums. It all depends on your imagination.

+ How do tracking links work in PPI?

Just add the appropriate parameters to your link. You have 5 parameters (ml_sub from 1 to 5) and you can use all of them. It may look like this:, where "test" will be the name by which you can distinguish this particular configuration.

+ How much will I earn on PPI?

The amount of commission depends on many factors. These include, primarily: the number of installed offers/applications, customer’s device and country from which he/she comes from.

The rates range from $0.02 to $3.50, they may change and we have no influence on it. In addition, the given rates are not maximum rates - the lead value may vary.

Questions regarding: SMS Programs


How to get access to SMS-based affiliate programs?

To access premium rate SMS campaigns, you will need to complete an application detailing your planned promotion method and your premium rate SMS earning experience. You can also provide proof of payout from other affiliate programs.

You can find the application HERE.


In what countries does SMS work?

SMS Premium offers work only in Poland.


What programs are available in MyLead?

In MyLead affiliate network you will find programs that allow you to earn from SMS with an increased cost. Our users can choose from many programs from various categories: contests, file download or stream.


I do not see any SMS programs. What should I do?

SMS and Content Locker programs are available for "Premium" users. To get "Premium", please submit an application that can be found in your publisher's panel in the "For webmaster, Content Locker" tab.


What is the difference between MO and MT rates?

By choosing the MO (SMS Premium) rate, you will receive a one-time earning for the increased cost message sent by the customer. Registration requires sending an SMS with a verification code which will come to the provided number. Then the code must be entered in the form on the website.

If you choose MT (subscription) payment, the customer will receive periodic text messages as a part of the subscription and will have to pay for each. The difference is also that the client has to enter a phone number in the form on the page, and does not send a paid message himself. Both in MO (SMS Premium) and in MT, the customer receives a verification code to enter in the appropriate field on the sales page.



What does it look like to earn on an SMS?

In affiliate programs in MyLead we reward you for each lead - for each user who signs up from your recommendation. For example, we will reward you when the user takes part in the competition because they know about it from you. We pay for each customer and the rate is up to you - when you set up selected affiliate program you can choose one of the available SMS rates.


What do foreign rates relate to?

The vast majority of SMS programs are global. The rates for an SMS sent from abroad are different and depend on the country where the customer comes from. The commission for one client can range from a few to even several dozen USD. You can find the exact rates by going to the "Support" tab and then the "Foreign rates". You can also click HERE to go to this tab.

The global affiliate program recognizes the client's IP and is automatically translated into English. The payment window is always in the client’s native language who wants to take advantage of the offer.


What SMS rates are available in MyLead?

The latest values can always be found during the SMS configuration by clicking on the "Default payment configuration" button. You will then see a list of rates and SMS services that you can use.

+ What days do we carry on renewals in Poland?

It all depends on the service the customer has signed up for. We have several different SMS MT models (subscription), so renewals can appear on different days of the week.

PRIZ service - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;

NEXT service (PLN 12.30 / message) - Monday and Friday;

NEXT service (PLN 24.60 / message) - Wednesday.

+ Some of MyLead’s programs are contests pages. What are the terms of these competitions? Are the rewards in actually passed to the participants?

The rewards are real. Each program which is a competition has its own regulations available on the competition website. The client who wants to take part in the competition must read and accept it.

The number and method of delivery of rewards, as well as deadlines for the settlement of competitions, are also given directly in the regulations.

+ On what movies, music or books can you earn with MyLead programs so that you do not violate copyrights and act in accordance with the law?

Some affiliate programs allow you to earn money every time a user downloads your file or sends an SMS to watch the video you upload on your website or one of our sites. What movies, books and files can help you earn money?

In order not to break the copyright law, you can only earn on files that you have full rights to. They cannot, therefore, be music videos downloaded from the Internet , scanned books, or movies and TV series that you have recorded.

You can earn money on files you have created yourself - your own e-books, graphics, music files, video tutorials and more.

For more inspiration on how to legally earn on affiliate programs, please visit our blog. It is available HERE.

+ What can happen if I break the law, for example, by placing files for which I do not have copyrights in the program?

Breaking the law is also breaking the regulations of MyLead. In this case, our team can delete your account, at the same time blocking your balance in the event of future complaints from customers you have misled. Cheating customers can also have far-reaching consequences, such as fines both monetary and imprisonment, imposed by state institutions.

+ What are Content Locker and Video Locker?

These are systems designed for website and blog owners who would like to make money by sharing content that can be accessed only after sending an SMS and entering the code. In other words, this is a lock panel. The customer must perform a specific action to gain access to material that is interested to them. 

Content Lockers can be found in the "For Webmaster" tab after logging into your publisher's panel. You can go to this tab by clicking HERE.

+ Is there a "blank offer" available on MyLead?

Yes, you can use the "blank offer" on MyLead. You will find it under the name "Content Locker". All you need to do is go to the "For Webmaster" tab and then "Content Locker" (for general topics) or "Video Locker" (for video portals). You can also click HERE.

+ What is the difference between Content Locker and Video Locker?

The way these tools work is identical. They are designed to block access to a specific part of your web page. Content Locker is focused on general websites, while Video Locker only on websites with video materials.

+ What are the prices for sending an SMS or signing up for a subscription in Poland?

MO10 - PLN 25 net income / PLN 30.75

MO7 - PLN 19 net income / PLN 23.37

MO1.5 - PLN 5 net income / PLN 6.15

MT15 - PLN 20 net income / PLN 24.60 / PLN 98.40 per month

MT11 - PLN 10 net income / PLN 12.30 / PLN 98.40 per month

MT6 - PLN 5 net income / PLN 6.15 / PLN 79.95 per month

MT9 - PLN 20 net income / PLN 24.60  / PLN 98.40 per month

MT4 - PLN 10 net income / PLN 12.30 / PLN 98.40 per month

MT2 - PLN 5 net income / PLN 6.15 / PLN 79.95 per month

Questions regarding: Registration


Who can join MyLead?

According to the regulations, any natural person with legal capacity or a company can be a MyLead user. This person should have an email address and register a user account on the MyLead website.


Does joining the program cost?

No, registration and the use of MyLead is and will always remain completely free.


How long will it take to create an account?

Literally a few minutes. We respect your time therefore the entire registration process is extremely short.


How does account activation work?

First you have to fill in the basic fields - login, password and email address. Then you need to verify your e-mail address by clicking the activation link which will be send to the e-mail address provided earlier. Then we will ask you for your personal data. Finally, all you need to do is verify yourself using your phone number. It will take you more than a few minutes.

+ What will my e-mail be used for?

To verify your profile which is absolutely normal when creating a new account. Sometimes, with your consent, we will send you an exclusive knowledge compendium that will help you acquire new skills for free and allow you to earn even more.

+ Why do I need to provide my personal data?

Your personal data is necessary for future withdrawals of the money you earned. Without them, we would not be able to send transfers to your account. 

+ Is my personal data safe with you?

Of course. We have on the market since 2014. We scrupulously comply with the applicable data protection law and GDPR. We also guarantee that your data will never be sold to anyone.

Questions regarding: Mobile application


What software is the application available for?

Our mobile app is available for both the Android and iOS operating systems.


Where can I download the application?

All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or App Store on your phone and enter "MyLead" in the search field. Then find our application in the search results and click install. You can also do that by clicking directly on the link:

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

Once the app is installed, wait for it to start automatically or do it yourself. Log in to your panel using your login and password.


How to configure the application?

To use the application, you must connect to the MyLead account. All you need to do is start the application, and then in the "login" and "password" fields, enter the data with which you have logged in so far. Ready! From now on, you make use of all the functions of our application.


How do I turn on notifications in the app?

To enable notifications in the application, go to the menu in the upper left corner. Then click on the "Settings" tab. Under the "Notifications" function, click on the slider to enable notifications.

+ Can I request withdrawals via the application?

Yes, you can make withdrawals using the app. To request a withdrawal, click on the menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Then find and click on the "Withdrawals" tab. Select the type and method of payment. Remember that the minimum withdrawal amount is PLN 50 (except for bitcoin withdrawals). Once done, click on "Withdraw the Money" and give us 48 hours for the money to appear in your account.

+ Can I activate a promotional code in the application?

Of course, the application allows you to activate the received promotional codes. After logging in to the application, go to the menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Then go to the "Promotional Codes" tab. Here you can enter your promotional code that you received from us and click "Activate". If the code you received is in the notification, we recommend that you rewrite it. Closing the notification may result in losing access to the promotional code.

+ Do I have access to my statistics in the mobile application?

Yes, the MyLead application is fully connected to your account on our online platform. This means that after logging in to the application, you will get access to your statistics, earnings statements, and all history for the last 30 days.

+ Is the application available on Huawei Gallery App?

No, but we're working on it. It will be available in the near future.

Questions regarding: Browser extension


Where can I install the extension from?

Go to the extensions tab of your browser and search for "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension". You can also install it here:

Install for Chrome

Install for Firefox

Remember that our extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. However, you can add our extension to Microsoft Edge, Opera or Brave. Please see the questions below for more information.


Why do I need the extension if I have an account on MyLead?

By installing the browser extension, you will gain quick access to your statistics, without having to log in to the MyLead panel. All you need to do is click the extension icon in the extension bar to get all the data you need, such as statistics, available campaigns or the amount you have earned. In addition, when visiting any website, you will receive an automatic notification about the availability of the website's affiliate program on MyLead. You will also have access to advertising creations - banners, mailing, or affiliate links. By installing the extension for your browser, you also get access to exclusive coupons for famous brands that you can give away to your recipients.


How does the extension work?

After installing the extension to your browser, you will gain access to information about available affiliate programs within the websites you visit. This means that after entering any website, you will be able to check whether you have access to the selected program within that website. If it turns out that we can offer you something, after clicking on the extension icon, you will see, among others rate, remuneration model and a detailed description of the available campaign. You will also be able to go to your panel to join it with one click.


I downloaded the extension but I can't see it.

Most likely your extension has been installed but it is not visible in the extensions bar. To find the installed extension, click the puzzle icon in the upper-right corner of the browser. Select "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension" from the drop-down list. Then, you will be asked to log in to MyLead. This is necessary for the extension to work properly. After following these steps, the extension should work. If you want it to be visible in the extensions bar all the time, click the pushpin icon next to the extension's name.

+ How to install the extension on Microsoft Edge?

Open Microsoft Edge browser and go to the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Then click the "Extensions" tab and go to the Chrome Web Store page. You can also go straight to this page by clicking the link below HERE. On the left side select from the available functions "From Google". In the search field, enter the name of the extension "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension" or go directly to the site HERE. Now add the extension to Chrome. After installation, the MyLead extension icon should be visible in the upper right corner of the browser, click on it to activate it. Then, you will be asked to log in to MyLead. This is necessary for the extension to work properly. After following these steps, the extension should work.

+ How to install the extension for the Opera browser?

If you want to install the "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension" extension, you must first download the "Install Chrome Extensions" extension, which allows you to install extensions available for Chrome. To do this, open the Opera browser and go to Add this extension to your browser. Then, in the Chrome Web Store, search for the MyLead extension. You can also go straight to this page by clicking the link HERE. Click the "Add to Opera" button and install the extension to your browser. The extension should be visible in the upper right corner of your browser. If you don't see it, click the Extensions tab. Select "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension" from the drop-down list. After a while, you will be asked to log in to MyLead. This is necessary for the extension to work properly. After following these steps, the extension should work. If you want it to be visible in the extensions bar all the time, click the pushpin icon next to the extension's name.

+ How to install the extension on Brave?

Open the Brave browser and go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Then click the "Extensions"> "Find Extensions and Themes in the Web Store" tab. Go to the Web store. You can also go straight to this page by clicking the link HERE. On the left side select from the available functions "From Google". In the search field, enter the name of the plugin "MyLead.Global Publisher Browser Extension" or go directly to the site HERE. Now add the extension to Chrome. After installation, the MyLead extension icon should be visible in the upper right corner of the browser, click on it to activate it. After a while, you will be asked to log in to MyLead. This is necessary for the extension to work properly. After following these steps, the extension should work. If you want it to be visible in the extensions bar all the time, click the pushpin icon next to the extension's name.

+ What if i'm using Safari?

Safari does not support extensions, so there is no MyLead extension for Safari.

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