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Content Locker on MyLead


With File Locker, you can lock the download of a file available on your website. Users who want to download it will have to complete at least one task from your list. Only then will they be able to access the file.

File Locker is also available on mobile devices. On MyLead, we have several ready-made graphic templates that you can use to create the tool or customize each element of your File Locker to suit your needs.

Use the Locker

Why File lockers on MyLead?

Access to the shared files


Although File Locker uses incentivized traffic, you can give your users access to the shared files. This is a fair exchange - you can be proud of your remuneration, and the users can be satisfied with the downloaded file.
Everything in one place - use our File Locker


The more often clients are redirected, the more likely there are to give up the activity they started. In the case of File Locker on MyLead, everything takes place on your website, without unnecessary redirection and long waiting time.


On the Internet, you can find many services that allow you to upload your file and then earn money from users downloading it. However, they are often unreliable, and to order a withdrawal you have to gather large amounts of money. Not to mention that it is extremely common on such portals to use very aggressive ads. File Locker is, therefore, a much more effective and much more customer-friendly alternative.
Content Locker settings


On MyLead, you can choose from several available File Locker graphic templates, as well as modify its elements to your source of traffic and individual preferences. You can adjust File Locker to the look of your website as you can edit available background colors, fonts, and content. Besides, you can add any information about the shared file - its name, file size, and other data. This builds your credibility.

What should I remember before using File Locker?

To use File Locker on MyLead, you only need a free account. After registration go to the publisher's panel and find the "Content Locker" tab. There you can generate the code to paste on your website.

Try our Content Lockers

Check if File Locker is for you

Do you prefer to test the tool before investing your time in it? No problem! Use the File Locker demo version available below and check how this tool works.

Is File Locker for me?

Remember that on MyLead, we also offer you an entirely free analysis of your website.

After completing the short form, you will receive a detailed audit of your service together with personalized advice.

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