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Imagine a cold, unpleasant morning. It rains, a strong wind blows, and you have to leave for work in a moment. You wear a warm jacket and shoes, but you know that you will get wet, and persistent rain will find a way to fall under your shirt. Now imagine that you do not have to leave the house. You can make yourself a cup of coffee in your favorite mug, stay in your beloved slippers, sit on the couch, put your laptop on your lap, and start working. You are only four simple steps from this wonderful vision.

Become a publisher and start working from home

Join MyLead affiliate network and become our publisher

Forget about long journeys, late arrivals, and freezing at bus stops. Joining the MyLead affiliate network is an opportunity to achieve high earnings without leaving home. Also, you will earn doing what you love. So far, over 50,000 publishers have trusted us and have never regretted their decision. Set up a free account, discover the opportunities we can offer you, and observe the staggering amounts in your user panel.

Afiliacynej mylead publisher network. Who can make money online

Especially for you, we are continuously introducing new facilities on our website. We currently have over 1,500 affiliate programs in our database, divided into as many as 16 different categories, as well as five settlement models: CPL, CPS, CPA, PPI, and COD. Our offers operate globally and are targeted at specific countries. Due to this, you can quickly find a campaign that is best for your interests. Also, if we do not have a particular affiliate program, you can report it through a form specially created for this purpose. Within a few days, we will launch the campaign at your request.

In MyLead, besides offering a large affiliate program database, we also care about your education and preparation for work. We provide you with beginner's training, a compendium with basic concepts in affiliate marketing, free e-books for download, 24/7 support and individual mentoring.

You will also find unique tools and bonuses that help you increase your earnings. You can choose them after reaching the amount of PLN 50, and you will probably receive them within 48 hours.

Find out how easy it is to become our publisher!

Register in the affiliate network to start working online

Step 1 - Register as a MyLead publisher

To get access to all options described above, click here and set up a free account. Registration includes four easy steps and takes less than five minutes. As a new user, you will receive access to the beginner's training, during which you will learn the basic concepts of affiliate marketing. You can start it right after creating an account, or save it for later. Now you can already use an incredibly intuitive user panel. While discovering its options, notice how little time it took you to learn how to navigate it. Also, do not forget to fill in the information about yourself, because we need them to send you your earned money. At this stage, you already have a complete publisher account on MyLead. All you have to do now is to earn money.

Choose affiliate programs tailored to your needs

Step 2 - Choose an ideal affiliate program

Before you join specific affiliate programs, think over which one will be most profitable for you. Think about your online activity. How do you communicate with other Internet users? Do you use social media, YouTube channel, or your own website or blog? The possibilities are many, and it is enough if you are reaching a specific group of people. Once you have identified your traffic source, determine who belongs to your niche, who are your recipients. Consider which content is attractive to them, what needs they could have, and what will be worth to invest their time or money. Once everything becomes clear to you, you should choose the right affiliate program and start earning. Although, if you have a problem with choosing campaigns for your recipients, or do not know how to define them, contact us. We will gladly help you.

Place creations ads on your website and start making money

Step 3 - Place your affiliate links on the Internet and start earning

After creating an account and choosing the right affiliate programs, you can start the promotion. Use all your traffic sources, place your affiliate links there, and you will receive a commission for the actions taken by active clients. However, be careful not to lose the trust of your recipients. When you suddenly start urging them to buy in every entry, they may find your profile unattractive and stop following you. Behave subtly. For example, you can write that you have tried a given product or service and it turned out to be a bull's-eye. If you need inspiration, visit our blog, ask our support or other publishers. After a few attempts, you will surely come to practice.

To increase your earnings, use our unique tools available from the user panel.

Follow the progress of their work and increase their earnings

Step 4 - Study the effectiveness of your campaigns. Increase your earnings by improving the most profitable programs

Great job with the above three steps! Now you should check the effects - control both your money and private statistics in your user panel. Monitor from which affiliate programs you get the highest profit and verify if your predictions about your niche were precise. Maybe it turns out that another solution is more attractive and you should change your strategy? We recommend to run as many tests as possible, especially during the first weeks. Try to promote different programs in various ways, and then observe the consequences. Each of us is different, so there is no one reliable way for everyone.

Please note that it is worth being active on our communication channels, following our blog and social media. Due to this, you will never miss extraordinarily profitable offers, interesting observations, and conclusions.

Now, you already know how to become a publisher

You already know the four steps to earn serious money online. You understand that it may take some time, and both verifications and adjustments are necessary at every stage. You also know that in case of any difficulties, the MyLead team will help you immediately. But do you know that the first step, i.e., setting up a free account, will take you exactly as much time as reading this article? Although, if you still have some doubts, read on, and the additional benefits below will certainly dispel them.

Four reasons why you should become a publisher of affiliate networks

You get the finished product

By using affiliate network services, you have everything you need in one place. Instead of wondering if a given product has an affiliate program that allows you to promote it, you can immediately check it in our database. You will also find the most important information about the promotion rules, as well as a detailed preview. Besides, you can be sure that the presented offers are verified and the advertisers are solvent.

Registering in an affiliate network also means access to a huge number of conveniences that are not available otherwise. With a few clicks, you can take advantage of tools that increase your earnings, bonuses, education, support, and mentoring.

You can work anywhere, anytime and with anything

In the beginning, you have read that that you can forget about inconvenient journeys, but it is only your decision where you want to work. It can, of course, be a house, library, college, train, or hotel pool at the other end of the world. All you need to have is a device connected to the Internet. Everything else depends on you. You choose not only your workplace but also the time. Start at dawn if you wish, or sleep late and start working at noon, in the evening or at night. Work for long hours or a few minutes. If you do not feel like promotion on a given day, do not work. Nobody will ask you how many hours you have worked, except to calculate your hourly rate with surprise.

Passive income

The most beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that even if you decide not to work on a given day, you can still earn money. Your affiliate links will exist on the Internet from the time you have posted them to the time you will remove them. This means that at any time of day or night, someone can find your recommendation, use the offer, and thus increase your incomes. It is nothing but passive earning on your actions. We will also appreciate if you recommend MyLead to others. When someone uses your unique link to create an account on MyLead and then starts earning, you will always receive 5% on his/her earnings. Therefore, a solid publisher base will give you opportunities to earn money every day without promoting affiliate programs.

No start costs

Using MyLead is fully free for publishers. We will not charge any fee for setting up an account, joining the affiliate program, or for materials we share. Our offer does not have a double bottom, and you can feel safe about the money you earn. Moreover, you do not need to participate in expensive training and you do not have to invest a penny in your career. For free will provide you with all the educational materials and work tools you need. Your only costs necessary to increase your earnings will be a little time and creativity used to prepare various solutions to reach active customers.

What are you waiting for?

MyLead registration - background
MyLead registration - background

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