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IVR System - Premium Program

MyLead affiliate network offers to its publishers over 1600 partner programs in various categories. They are divided into five settlement models, more of which you can read about in the Affiliate Programs tab. Also, it enables the promotion of services practically unheard of in competition, i.e., SMS Chat and IVR. It is good to use them together because they have a lot in common. The main difference is that SMS Chat is based on SMSs, and IVR is based on calls.

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Using IVR affiliate programs is an effective way to earn money online on our platform

As with the case of SMS Chat, your task is to promote contact with an employee of an external call center. You can encourage your recipients to make a phone call to discuss one of the two topics with the consultant: esoteric or erotic. It will be a premium rate call and you will receive a commission for each started minute.

Call center IVR system

IVR What is an IVR?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telecommunications system that enables the service of the caller. It has an automatic call center functionality. This means that after dialing the appropriate number, the user will be connected with an employee of the external call center and will have to pay for that call. The customer first listens to previously recorded messages, and then enters your unique code.

IVR is a premium rate service paid by the customer. It is settled in the PPM (Pay Per Minute) model, which means that the caller pays for every started minute of the conversation. In MyLead, we have two rates available for you to choose from, at a value: PLN 7.69 and PLN 4.92. Your commission will be as much as 30% from each minute of connection, i.e., PLN 2.45 in the first option and PLN 1.45 in the second. Therefore, the longer the conversation lasts, the more you will gain. If your client makes a call and talks for five minutes only, you will receive over PLN 12. IVR

IVR affiliate program chart


The IVR affiliate program is a perfect way to get passive income. After the client connects with the consultant from your recommendation, you can watch your earnings grow without your participation. Call center employees have the skills to conduct conversations as long as possible, which increases your commission. The consultants are also available 24/7, so you can make money on holiday or even while sleeping.

IVR SIM card

How does the IVR program work?

After logging in to our site, you can find the IVR tab, in your user panel on the left side of the menu. There, we will ask you to tell us about your planned promotion methods. You will then receive your unique extension number. This is going to be an ID consisting of a unique combination of digits.

When the customers dial the phone number that will connect them to the call center, they will have to enter your extension number on the keypad. As a result of this, you will receive a commission for every minute of your referral's call.

When promoting the IVR service, encourage your clients to talk about esoteric or erotic subjects. Even though the call center employees are versatile and can change the topic of conversation if necessary, the condition for promoting the IVR service is to offer customers only these two topics.

The task of the IVR publisher

What is the task of affiliate partners?

As we mentioned earlier, your only task is to promote the service and your own extension number. At MyLead, you can have a dozen of them. The conversation is then conducted by an external call center. There are two call rates available, which depend on the phone number you choose and the subject of the call.


cost 7,69

You receive PLN 2.45 commission for each started minute.

Pay Per minute


cost 4,92

You receive PLN 1.45 commission for each started minute.

Remember, however, that the subject areas are not universal and may not be for everyone. Be careful with your promotion. If you do not know who to address your offer to, we can help you. Use the information on our blog, or contact our support, and together we will find the best solution for you.

If you want to promote the IVR partner program, do not hesitate and start making money. Check how easy it is!

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