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Makeup Affiliate Programs

Support Bodorek 2020-12-14 0

Over the past few years, more and more people have begun to join the makeup game – a lot of men are in this number as well. In fact, the male makeup industry is starting to grow like never before. 

With the millennial and gen z men not shying away from using different makeup products, the industry has started to blow wide open. According to BCFocus, the global cosmetics market is expected to be worth around $650 billion by 2026. The makeup sector forms one of the six subcategories of this global market. Even though skincare is in the lead, the makeup sector forms a considerable percentage. With the rise of makeup gurus and self-taught makeup artists online, this number is only going to increase. 

Household names in the makeup industry include MAC, Sephora, Huda Beauty, and E.L.F. Cosmetics – only a few of the names that have been dominating the makeup market as of 2020. It should be clear to you by now that this is indeed an evergreen market. So, you can imagine how lucrative it would be for affiliates all around the world to join beauty affiliate programs. Let’s dig a little deeper into that.

The Booming Potential of Makeup Affiliate Programs for Affiliates Everywhere!

The era of makeup vloggers like Yuya, James Charles, and PatrickStarrr has made this industry a goldmine for affiliates. If you’re looking to earn a little money for yourself on the side, this market is perhaps the best option. These products practically sell themselves; you just need to know what’s hot in the market.  

The best makeup affiliate programs of 2020 include MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program, Sephora Affiliate Program, and Clinique Affiliate Program. The MAC Cosmetics program is a popular choice because every makeup lover in the world knows the name. Its wide range of products caters to all races, genders, and ages. You can earn a 4% commission on every sale and the cookie period is 7 days. As a bonus, you’ll also drive in sales from the several discounts and free shipping they offer. So, this program definitely shows a lot of promise.  

The Sephora Affiliate Program offers a 5-10% commission on every purchase with a cookie period of 1 day. As a Sephora affiliate, you can revel in the fact that your audience will have exclusive access to over 13000 products from 200 different brands! Don’t let the cookie period discourage you from choosing this program. A lot of people love purchasing their makeup products from Sephora. 

There are a lot of other hot programs to check out as well. So, you should do your research and judge what program suits you best before diving in. After that’s done, you need to start with a platform that would help you acquire an audience. It’s pretty simple, you can start a website, a blog, or a YouTube channel. You can also go for an Insta or FB page – there are a lot of possibilities.

Times where makeup was used just to beautify women is (fortunately) long gone. Now it's all about the confidence and expressing yourself the way you want! Huge bands like Makeup Revolution, Mac Makeup, Milk Makeup, Benefit Makeup, Chanel Makeup, and Vanity Makeup make that all possible but you don't have to limit yourself to these names! With our list of the best Makeup Affiliate Programs, you and your audience can achieve so much more! Remember that makeup is for everyone and anything can be done with it! Halloween makeup? Suit yourself, makeup brushes? Yes, we have that, too. Makeup organizer? Sure! Being, embracing and expressing yourself through makeup products is enough! So help your audience do just that by promoting our Makeup Affiliate Programs! When Makeup Revolution, Mac Makeup, Milk Makeup, Benefit Makeup, Chanel Makeup, and Vanity Makeup is not enough, we're giving you a helping hand with our list. So don't waste any minute, give your audience the best makeup products and join our programs listed below. We keep our fingers crossed that you all can do it! The real beauty lies within you!

The best Makeup Affiliate Programs on MyLead Platform

  1. Affiliate program Sephora
    Rate: 4,48%
    Type: CPS
  2. Affiliate program PAESE
    Rate: 4,48%
    Type: CPS
  3. Affiliate program Semilac
    Rate: 8,00%
    Type: CPS
  4. Affiliate program Kama Ayurveda
    Rate: 17,60%
    Type: CPS
  5. Affiliate program LUMIN
    Rate: 3.07 $ | 3,20%
    Type: CPL | CPS
  6. Affiliate program Foreo
    Rate: 3,08%
    Type: CPS
  7. Affiliate program DHgate
    Rate: 1,60% - 17,60%
    Type: CPS
  8. Affiliate program Joybuy
    Rate: 0,80% - 4,00%
    Type: CPS
  9. Affiliate program VerdeLab
    Rate: 9,22%
    Type: CPS
  10. Affiliate program Vichy
    Rate: 8,00%
    Type: CPS


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