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Mobile Rewards
Mobile app rewards programs


Mobile Rewards enables effective monetization of your mobile applications. You provide your recipients with a list of offers, and for each completed task, they will receive a certain number of points. When they collect enough points, they can exchange them for prizes. It is you who decide what your audience will get from you. This can be a bonus in the smartphone game or access to the premium content you have blocked in your mobile app.

Mobile Rewards works only on mobile devices. Like all other lockers available on MyLead, Mobile Rewards has several available graphics templates, but you can also adapt them to your own needs.

Use the Locker

Why Mobile App Rewards Programs on MyLead?

Mobile Rewards as alternative to annoying ads


Advertising is everywhere. It is also in mobile applications, but usually, it is ignored and negatively perceived by users. They have to stop playing for a while to see the uninteresting content. Mobile Rewards allows you to create an activity that will be attractive for them, not annoying. The actions involve users and increase attachment to your application. Thanks to this, they are more willing to use the offers, and as a consequence, you earn more.
Choose the rewards


You can determine for yourself what rewards your users will receive for completing offers from your list. You can be creative. Your recipients can, for example, receive virtual gold in your mobile game, or enter a bookmark to which not everyone has access. At the same time, the user who finishes the first task on your list, and then receives points, will want to complete further offers to win new prizes. The user's reward can, therefore, be fully compatible with the world of your game or application.
Unique desing of mobile app rewards programs


On MyLead, you can adjust the tools to increase earnings, to your mobile applications. In Mobile Rewards, you can edit every element. This way, you can be sure that you will maintain consistency between your mobile app and the tool you use.
Locker works on mobile devices


Shops with mobile apps are open worldwide. It is clear that you can have customers from different countries. With Mobile Rewards that works everywhere and hundreds of our offers, you can monetize every user of your app.

How to add Mobile Rewards to your service?

Adding Mobile Rewards to your mobile app will take you a short while. In the user panel you will find the "Content Locker" tab. There, you should generate a code that will be your unique website. It is ready! Now all you have to do is add a subpage as part of your mobile application and connect it to your work to get the information about the users who have decided to do the task.

Mobile Rewards look on mobile devices

Try Mobile Rewards

If you want to make sure that the tool presented by us is suitable both for you and your mobile application, you should try the demo version available below. It will allow you to see in practice how Mobile Rewards works and thus decide whether you want to add it to your application.

Is Mobile Rewards for me?

You can also receive a completely free analysis of your application.

Our audit can give you suggestions on which Content Lockers will work best for you, as well as provide you with ready-made ideas for advertising campaigns. Besides that, we offer full support, both technical and creative.

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