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Premium SMS affiliate programs

Besides the wide offer of affiliate programs from numerous advertisers, on the MyLead page, you can also find our own Premium SMS programs settled in the CPL model. At present, we have a dozen programs in five different categories: contests, videos, files, games and articles/books. Thanks to their unique advantages, they have become incredibly popular among our publishers.

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MyLead affiliate network users can choose from many Premium SMS programs available on site.

The wide range of available SMS partner programs allows you to promote the ones that suit you best. If you have, however, an innovative idea, we will gladly implement it for you. Just fill the appropriate form in the user panel, and we will try to prepare an offer tailored to your individual needs.

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We offer complete freedom in the way you promote Premium SMS programs. Besides choosing the best offer, you can also decide on your working hours - when to start it and when to finish. Moreover, you can decide where you want to promote - it can be your home, cafe or charming resort with a swimming pool in an exotic country. All you need is a device with Internet access. Also, you do not have to achieve any goals, because all your promotional activities are the activities to be only you.

If you experience some gaps in your knowledge and are worried that they can slow down or reduce your online earnings, use the training materials available on the MyLead website. On our blog you will find beginner's guides and a characterization of current affiliate marketing trends. If it turns out that this is not enough and you need individual advice, you can ask other publishers on chat, or ask for mentoring. In case of technical problems, write to our support which is available 24/7.

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Advantages of partner SMS programs

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Real-time validation

With the SMS partner programs, you can forget about the long waiting time for confirmation of the leads you have obtained. As soon as the end-user sends the SMS with a premium-rate charge, the commission appears immediately in your user panel in the "withdrawals" tile. Due to this, you can control your earnings all the time and do not have to worry about their possible later rejection. Besides, you can be sure that your money will not freeze for weeks on your interface, and you can have it almost immediately.

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You can change the stake as often as you like

When you notice that your customers' activity is very satisfactory, you can decide to increase the cost per SMS, and thus increase your rate. When you change the rate for a given offer, it will also change under the advertised link. Thanks to this, everyone who has already received your affiliate link will see the current cost of sending an SMS. Therefore, you do not have to change the links. You can change your rate as often as you like to verify which benefits it brings, and after a few attempts, decide on the most optimal solution.

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Ranking of SMS Programs

For a long time, the ranking of SMS programs was available in the interface of our publishers. Based on it, publishers knew about the popularity of given offers and how many people tested them before. This allowed them to decide whether they want to promote SMS programs already popular or untested ones. It was placed in the rankings/programs tab but is currently unavailable on our website. If you wish its reactivation, please let us know. We will do everything in our power to make you happy.

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Several rates and settlement models

As you well know, using SMS affiliate programs is exceptional freedom in determining the cost of a text message. The changes you make, immediately become visible to your audience. SMS programs also have the option of choosing settlement models that determine the type of customer activity for which you get remuneration. There are five of them at MyLead: CPS, CPL, CPA, COD, and PPI. What do you want to encourage your recipients to do?

It is also worth to know that SMS programs, allow you collecting renewals up to several times a week, extending your passive earnings to the maximum.

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Almost 100 affiliate programs on MyLead can be promoted worldwide. It is extremely beneficial solution when you have a global source of traffic because in this way you can reach recipients from different countries. This can be facilitated by smartlinks which based on the IP address of your users, send them to the appropriate subpage in their local language. SMS affiliate programs work similarly. When your recipient decides to send a premium rate SMS, the payment gateway will be automatically adjusted based on its IP address.

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SMS programs categories

Choose YOUR MOVEMENT SMS program ideally suited to your needs

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In this category, you will find affiliate programs promoting participation in a competition or lottery. Awards are often attractive as it can be, for example, professional mobile devices. Participation in the competition requires prior acceptance of the regulations. Then, the participant has to send a premium-rate SMS or enter his/her phone number on the website, thereby agreeing to receive a paid message with a code, which should be later copied to the form. Inform your recipients clearly about the terms of the SMS program and the fee amount. The attempted deception may result in blocking your account.


Here you can find SMS programs that enable earning on shared video recordings or online broadcasts. The subject is free. These can be 18+ recordings, links from popular video services, but also your own guides, tutorials, and online courses. Besides, you can configure them freely by adding movie names, photos, descriptions, comments, and more. That will give you confidence that the SMS programs have been maximally adapted to your movie record. A necessary condition to watch the video material by your recipients is to send premium-rate SMS.

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This category contains SMS programs that require payment to download the file. The user makes a payment via premium-rate SMS. The content of the shared file can be any. Use your knowledge and skills to create material attractive to your audience. The decision is yours: will it be a guide or a database, a program or an article? Remember, however, that it should arouse interest, respond to needs and encourage investment (even as small as sending a Premium SMS).


By browsing SMS programs in this category, you will find offers related to electronic entertainment. You can encourage your recipients to take part in competitions in which they can win popular computer games. For instance, to receive the prize the user has to give correct answers for competition questions, gat a high result in the knowledge test or collect enough points for using the advertiser's websites. In this way, to increase your earnings, you can use your knowledge of various types of games, as well as experience gained in them. Promote SMS programs in the "games" category and make money on your love for electronic entertainment.

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SMS programs in this category are similar to those in the "files" category. SMS programs in this category are similar to those in the "files" category. The main difference is the material which is in the text form - these are primarily e-books, articles, and guides. As in all the above cases, a necessary condition to get access is sending a premium-rate SMS. Again, you can make use of your knowledge. In a short, text guide explain to others something that can be unclear for them. You can also take your book, rewrite it and share it in exchange for Premium SMS. Your earnings are at your fingertips.

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Additional SMS programs functionalities

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Content locker

It is also called an "empty offer". This tool blocks access to the "premium" content, which you provide only after paying a fee. Content locker, together with SMS programs, allows generating additional income from your online activity easily. You can download this tool from the For webmasters tab in the user panel, after completing the short application. Next, you should copy the generated code and paste it on your website. Ready! All you have to do now is to watch how your earnings grow.

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Video locker

The tool works in similarly to Content Locker, but in this case, you use it to block access to the video file on your site. Users interested in watching the material must first pay for it by sending a premium-rate SMS. You can quickly generate the Video Locker code in the user panel in the For webmasters tab. Then paste it on your website. That's all. You are already using a unique tool that allows you to increase your earnings.

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Video locker VOD

This system works as a video player connected with VOD and video programs available on MyLead, but also with SMS programs and e-mail submit about television and movies. This tool automatically finds affiliate programs in which a given film is accessible and directs the client straight to a specific VOD program. In the user panel find a For webmasters tab and look for button "New video locker". When filling out the necessary data, note how many editing options this tool has. Take advantage of it and achieve your goals.

Who can become a publisher of the MyLead Affiliate Network and earn on Premium SMS?

Anyone who is active on the Internet or plans to be. Despite the rumors, you do not need to own a website or blog. Of course, if you care about it, you can create your portal in a few minutes by using ready-made templates available for general use. Before you jump into something entirely new, however, think about how do you usually spend your free time. Maybe you discuss on internet forums, or contact your friends via social networks or emails? Make use of what you already have and share your unique affiliate links on current traffic sources.

Join the lucky group of our publishers and earn on SMS programs and other great offers available on MyLead. Your money is waiting for you.

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Make money on SMS programs by recommending new users


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Every time someone registers using your unique link and starts earning - you will earn with the person you recommend.

You will earn 5% on each generated lead. It is a great way to build a passive income. Even if you are not promoting SMS programs, you can earn money every day by having many active referrals. You can download your unique link in the user panel in the profile tab. We also suggest using the banner that displays the amount you have earned on MyLead. This will make it easier for you to get new publishers.

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What are you waiting for?

You do not need to have any skills or invest cash to earn online with MyLead affiliate programs. Just create a free account!

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