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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Tier 1 - what to consider in affiliate promotion?

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In Tier 1 countries, which include the most economically and technologically advanced nations in the world, affiliate promotion plays a crucial role in marketing strategies.

Tier 1 countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and others, are characterized by high income levels, developed standards of living, and powerful consumer markets. In such an environment, affiliate marketing serves as an effective promotional method, enabling companies to reach a wide audience of potential customers and generate significant profits. In this article, we will take a closer look at affiliate promotion in Tier 1 countries, analyzing key success factors, challenges, and effective strategies that can help achieve desired results.

What is a tier?

In affiliate marketing, the concept of "tier" refers to the categorization of countries into different levels - "tiers", based on various factors. The main purpose of this categorization is to tailor promotional strategies to the specific characteristics and preferences of residents in each country.

Tiering is based on different criteria such as education level, income, standard of living, or the popularity of the English language. Typically, countries with higher indicators in these areas are assigned higher tiers, while countries with lower indicators fall into lower tiers.

Tier-1 countries

Tier 1 encompasses the most economically and technologically advanced countries in the world. Tier 1 countries usually have high income levels, developed infrastructure, a high standard of living, and a large consumer market. Examples of Tier 1 countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Tier 2 includes countries that are slightly less economically and technologically developed than Tier 1 countries but still exhibit significant market potential. Tier 2 countries typically have average income levels and economic development. Examples of Tier 2 countries include Brazil, Russia, China, Poland, and Turkey.

Tier-2 countries

Tier 3, on the other hand, comprises countries with lower income levels and economic development compared to Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. These can be developing countries or less-developed economies. Examples of Tier 3 countries include Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Tier-3 countries

The division of countries into tiers may vary depending on the context and other factors. Advertisers often choose countries with the highest economic growth or high income levels for their campaigns and then categorize them into specific tiers that are more convenient for them.

The tier division is flexible and can differ based on factors such as cultural differences, content creator preferences, or advertisers' choices. That is why the above tables are purely illustrative, presenting the most popular division, but it should not be applied universally to every affiliate program.

The choice of a specific tier is significant for affiliate activities because countries in different tiers have different market characteristics and consumer preferences. Promoting affiliate offers in Tier 1 countries can lead to higher competition and often require larger advertising budgets, but also offer a larger potential customer base with higher purchasing power and higher rates.

Why is geotargeting important?

What is geotargeting?

Geotargeting, which involves tailoring content and advertising offers to specific geographic locations, is crucial in affiliate marketing as it allows you to focus on a specific audience group. By doing so, you can choose the right tools, such as language and offers, that will capture the attention of the intended group of consumers. On the other hand, misidentifying the target audience can lead to financial losses and ineffective campaigns.

Geotargeting is made possible through the use of smartlinks, and the best results are achieved when affiliate marketing is combined with an offer tracker. With a tracker, as a publisher, you can create your own smart links and choose campaigns that have the highest effectiveness.

Here are a few reasons why geotargeting in affiliate marketing is so important:

  • campaign optimization - by utilizing geotargeting, you can easily optimize affiliate campaigns by focusing on specific regions and gradually expanding your efforts to other markets. This allows you to control advertising expenses and effectively develop your affiliate activities.
  • personalized content - adapting advertising content to specific regions enables the delivery of more relevant and interesting information to the audience. When ads are tailored to local preferences, language, and culture, it increases the likelihood of engagement and positive responses from potential customers.
  • improved conversion rates - geotargeting allows you to concentrate on markets where there is a higher demand for specific products or services. This increases the chances of achieving better conversion rates and generating higher profits from affiliate programs.

Tier 1 - key considerations for promotion

Key considerations for promotion in Tier 1 countries

Tier 1, in the context of affiliate marketing, refers to the highest level of markets, and promoting affiliate offers in these countries can be highly appealing to publishers. However, it requires a special strategy and understanding of this group's characteristics.

High income

Tier 1 countries typically have higher income levels, resulting in greater purchasing power. When promoting offers, it is important to understand that potential customers may be more willing to invest in high-quality products or services. Focus on emphasizing the value of the promoted product or service, such as innovation, durability, unique features, or benefits that can convince customers to make a purchase.

High education level

Tier 1 countries often have highly educated populations. During promotions, it is important to consider that the target audience may be more knowledgeable and demanding. Provide content and information about the product or service that is both appealing and informative. Using professional and precise language can help capture the attention of this audience and build their trust.

High standard of living 

High Standard of Living: Residents of Tier 1 countries typically have a high standard of living. Therefore, promotions should reflect this fact by showcasing products or services that enhance quality of life or provide exceptional experiences. Focus on comfort, luxury, convenience, or customization options that meet individual customer needs, as this can be an effective way to attract their attention.

High rates

In Tier 1 countries, where incomes are high, publishers often have the opportunity to earn more favorable commission rates. Therefore, it is worthwhile to choose affiliate programs that offer attractive rewards for attracting customers and generating sales.

English language

English is commonly used in most Tier 1 countries, which can facilitate communication and promotion. Pay attention to adapting advertising content and websites to the English language to effectively communicate with potential customers. Providing high-quality and engaging content in English can attract greater interest and, consequently, influence conversions.

Increased competition

Due to the developed market and higher affiliate program rates, there may be more competition in promoting products and services in Tier 1 countries. It is necessary to thoroughly research the market, segment the audience, and identify unique selling points. Focusing on precise ad targeting and utilizing personalization strategies can help capture leads and attract more attention than potential competitors.

Higher advertising costs

Promoting in Tier 1 countries can involve higher advertising costs due to the mentioned developed market and increased competition. Remember to plan your advertising budget carefully to reach the right audience effectively.

Payment cards

In Tier 1 countries, having payment cards and online wallets is very common. When determining your promotional strategy, it is essential to consider the availability and convenience of online payments. Providing diverse payment options and ensuring a secure and easy transaction process can impact conversions and the satisfaction of potential customers.

Best affiliate programs for Tier 1

Best affiliate programs for Tier 1

Promoting in Tier 1 countries requires not only adapting strategies and communication to the unique characteristics of this group but also choosing affiliate programs that cater to the needs of this market.

Which categories of affiliate programs should you choose?

1. E-Commerce is one of the key categories of affiliate programs that you can select for promotion in Tier 1 countries. The high income level, advanced internet infrastructure, and popularity of online shopping make e-commerce an attractive sector for publishers. However, e-commerce can be further divided into subcategories worth highlighting:

  • technology and electronics - products such as computer hardware, smartphones, and consumer electronics are a good choice for promotion in Tier 1 countries. The high level of technology and interest in innovative products contribute to the demand for these items. Affiliate programs related to technology and electronics can attract attention and generate significant revenue.
  • fashion and accessories - the high standard of living and financial capabilities of consumers in Tier 1 countries make them more willing to invest in branded clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. Promoting exclusive fashion brands and luxury products can attract interest and generate high commissions.
  • home and interior furnishings - promoting online stores offering high-quality home products can capture the attention of customers interested in improving and personalizing their surroundings. This is another category that caters to the consumerist approach prevalent in Tier 1 countries.

2. Nutra works well due to the high level of health and beauty awareness in Tier 1 countries. Products related to skincare, dietary supplements, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle are undoubtedly a good choice. Promoting natural and eco-friendly products can be an additional advantage for this target audience.

3. Finance is another category suitable for promotion in Tier 1 countries. Potential customers in this group often have more resources and are interested in financial management. Affiliate programs related to insurance, loans, or financial advisory services can be very attractive to these audiences. It is worth promoting credible and reputable financial institutions and providing valuable information and advice in this field.

Recommended affiliate programs

VEVOR | E-commerce

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Decathlon - CA | E-commerce

Rate: 8,06% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: sale | Countries: CA

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Halara - DE | E-commerce

Rate: 7,50% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: sale | Countries: DE

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Desigual - UK | E-commerce

Rate: 5,78% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: sale | Countries: UK

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Patpat - FR | E-commerce

Rate: 4,50% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: sale | Countries: FR

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Handingo - DE | E-commerce

Rate: 2,25% - 3,00% | Type: CPS | Conversion type: sale | Countries: DE

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Recommended promotion methods in Tier 1 countries

Recommended promotion methods in Tier 1 countries

Now that you know what tiers are, the characteristics of Tier 1 countries, and the best affiliate program categories for targeting this audience, let's discuss promotion methods. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of each method may vary depending on the product categories and consumer preferences in different countries. It's important to monitor results, test different strategies, and adjust your promotional activities accordingly.

Reviews and guides

Create valuable content such as product reviews, guides, or lists of the best products in a given category. Focus on providing reliable information, opinions, and tips that will help Tier 1 audience make purchasing decisions.

Paid ads

Utilize paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter to reach your selected target audience. Ensure your ads are attractive and engaging, directing users to your offers.

When it comes to paid search advertising, apart from Google, consider including Bing as well.

By using advertising platforms, you can target your campaigns to specific audience groups based on location, interests, demographics, and many other factors. This allows you to tailor your ads to the specific needs and preferences of the audience.

Regarding ad rates on social media platforms in Tier 1 countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, values may vary depending on factors such as market competitiveness, target audience, promotional period, etc. On the Facebook Ads platform, for example, ad prices are set through auctions, meaning the cost of reaching a specific target audience can fluctuate based on supply and demand for advertising space.

Example of a reach for a campaign targeting singles (males) in the United States with a daily budget of $20:

View of a Facebook Ads campaign

Example of a reach for a campaign targeting fashion-interested women in the United States with a daily budget of $20:

View of a Facebook Ads campaign

You can use advertising platforms that offer affiliate promotion options to execute paid ads. Click costs in ad networks may vary depending on the specific tier.

For example, here's the average cost per click in the Evadav ad network:

Rates for different tiers in the Evadav ad network

Here's the average cost per click in the Pushground ad network:

Rates for different tiers in the Pushground ad network

And this is the average cost per click in the ZeroPark Push ad network:

Rates for different tiers in the ZeroParkPush ad network

Lastly, here's the average cost per click in the RichAds Push ad network:

Rates for different tiers in the RichAds Push ad network

SEO optimization

If you have your own website, invest time in optimizing it for search engines. Focus on selected keywords related to your product category that Tier 1 audiences would be interested in purchasing to increase the visibility of your site in search results. Additionally, utilizing paid advertising campaigns in search engines like Google Ads can be beneficial in reaching potential customers actively searching for products or services.

When discussing SEO, we have to mention Ahrefs - a comprehensive website analysis tool that allows tracking rankings, examining traffic, monitoring keywords, and analyzing competitors. This can assist in optimizing SEO and affiliate marketing strategies.

Ahrefs provides information on the cost per click (CPC) for specific keywords. This data gives an idea of the market but may significantly differ from reality. For example, for the keyword "dating" in the United States, you might obtain the following data: 

Ahrefs - view of information for a specific keyword

Ahrefs also provides a history of advertisements, allowing you to see how others, often large portals, run advertising campaigns. For the scenario mentioned above, it looks like this:

Ahrefs - view of advertising campaigns run by various portals

It is worth mentioning that SEO faces immense competition, especially in the United States. In the highly saturated online market, significant efforts are made to optimize websites and achieve higher rankings in search results.

To achieve success in a competitive SEO environment, it is crucial to conduct in-depth keyword research, develop high-quality and relevant content, optimize on-page elements, and build valuable backlinks. Additionally, tracking the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithm changes is essential to maintain a strong online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, the Spanish-speaking market can present valuable opportunities. Considering that a significant portion of the US population speaks Spanish, directing your marketing efforts towards the Spanish-speaking community can be a strategic move to tap into a potentially untapped market. By implementing effective SEO strategies in the Spanish language, you can reach a broader audience and gain a competitive advantage in both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking markets.

Social media

Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok to reach a wide range of potential customers. Develop a promotion strategy that takes into account the preferences and behaviors of users in Tier 1 countries. Remember to create attractive visual content, engaging posts, and use relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your promoted content.

Email marketing

Collect contact information (e.g., from visitors to your affiliate website) and build a subscriber list. Use email marketing tools to send personalized email messages with product recommendations, exclusive offers, or promotional information. Customize the content to the interests of the audience in Tier 1 countries and regularly engage with your subscriber list to build loyalty and increase the chances of making a purchase.

When building a subscriber list, remember to comply with data protection regulations (GDPR). Always adhere to privacy and data protection regulations.

A few words from the mentor Czaq

Tier 1 countries are an integral part of high affiliate performance. The countries mentioned in this post allow you to choose endless marketing strategies, offers, and adjust the type of traffic.

When you focus on one country - GEO, not only do you lose high profitability but also offers that you won't find in your native language. 

Potential affiliate campaigns

Apart from the mentioned campaigns, the greatest potential lies in content locking, which we have described on our blog. By comparing the offers available for content locking, you can see differences in rates and the simplicity of the required action or conversion point up to tenfold compared to Tier 2 and 3 countries. 

campaign view

Having the same conversion point and a tenfold higher rate allows for significantly broader marketing actions, resulting in:

  • higher results from paid advertising campaigns,
  • achieving a similar or sometimes even lower cost per click.

I recommend using this proprietary tool by MyLead to anyone interested in starting activities with it.

Technical aspects of geotargeting

By utilizing geotargeting, you can redirect the customer to the offer you have prepared. From a technical perspective, there are two simple solution:

For most offers, it is necessary to direct the user with a simple technical solution that won't take much time during configuration.

I recommend using the above options when deciding to work with Tier 1 countries (but not only).


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