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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Travel Affiliate Programs

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The travel and tourism sector has emerged as the second-fastest-growing sector in the global economy. If you’ve previously had any doubts about the pivotal role of this industry, just know that it contributed roughly $9 trillion to the global economy in 2019 (Yes, with a ‘t’). It should come as no surprise that sectors that make a lot of money, bring in much the same. That’s why the travel industry, in particular, shows a great deal of potential vis-à-vis affiliate marketing programs

If you’re a passionate individual who wishes to earn a little something on the side without having to do much, then travel affiliate programs are just what you need. Aside from the ever-increasing rate of travel, there’s one important benefit that people often miss out on; travel encompasses a world of sub-niches! It’s not just about flights; there are honeymoons plans, retreats, hotels, insurance, cultural tourism; you name it. 

How to earn extra money from travel affiliate programs in MyLead?

MyLead is an ideal platform for aspiring affiliate marketers as it empowers them to make the best out of the multitudes of affiliate programs available to the general public. Its meticulously-devised schemes will earn you considerable and steady profits as long as you know how to get people interested. The means you employ to do so are entirely up to you; use emails, your own blog, a website, or social media. Rest assured; there’s a whole new realm of possibilities that you can avail of, from MyLead’s revolutionary platform. So, go ahead and take your pick; there’s no shortage of travel and tourism partner programs for you to sign up for.

Travel Accessories Affiliate Program

So many different sub-niches come into play when we talk about the travel industry. You’ve got luggage, pillows, comfortable clothing items, posture and alignment gear, and mounting gadgets — that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, you’ve got a lot of different opportunities to strike this market. If you utilize the right strategy, you could easily end up earning good money from the comfort of your home. 

So, let’s talk about some of the hottest Travel Accessories Affiliate Programs 2021 has to offer to affiliates from all around the world! First up, we have the Tenikle Affiliate Program that you can join via ShareASale. Tenikle is an outstanding accessory to mount your device. It’s a portable octopus-like stand that can be manipulated in a variety of different ways to be used as either a selfie stick or a holder for your GPS. The Tenikle Affiliate Program promises a generous 20% commission on every sale! The cookie period is 30 days, so there’s ample time to convert your leads into paying customers. 

Another exciting accessories’ program is the Infinity Pillow Affiliate Program. Infinity Pillow offers luxurious pillows that can help you get a peaceful sleep just about anywhere! Their travel pillows are outstanding and you can leverage this opportunity to earn some good money for yourself! They offer a 10% commission per sale and the cookie period is a whopping 90 days! So, be sure to check these programs out!

Travel Insurance Affiliate Programs

Travel can be a highly expensive expenditure and it’s even riskier if your exciting venture does not have insurance coverage. What if something goes awry and you have to cancel your trip impromptu? What if there is a medical emergency that cannot be overlooked? Well, these are exactly the reasons that Americans spend over $4 billion every single year on travel insurance alone — you need to have all ends covered. So, travel affiliates, this is your moment to shine! There are so many promising travel insurance affiliate programs out there for you to join. A good one on our list is Renaissance Insurance; one of Russia’s leading insurance companies offering reliable travel coverage. If you join via MyLead, you could be looking at a good 12% commission for every sale. 

Another good program is the Travelex Affiliate Program that offers a commission of up to $25 per sale over a cookie period of 45 days! That’s a pretty great deal considering Travelex is a very popular name with many facilities available for all its customers! It won’t be hard to draw people in at all! You can sign up for this amazing travel insurance affiliate program via the CJ Affiliate Network as a CJ Publisher.

Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers 

If you’re a passionate travel blogger, then you’d be pleased to know that you can now monetize your traffic and open up a whole new avenue of earning for yourself! How do you get started? Well, it’s no rocket science; all you need is to sign up to a good travel affiliate program and you’ll be earning big before you even know it! Blogging has become an amazing means of earning money while sitting at home, especially since the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to remain inside. If you aren’t a blogger yet but have a knack for writing, you can get started today — it’s never too late to follow your passion! Find yourself a catchy domain name and start writing your heart out. Remember to keep your readers engaged, this way you’ll reign in more and more traffic. Popular affiliate programs for travel bloggers include City.Travel, Friendz Travel, and Travelist, among many others! 

The 3 Best Travel Affiliate Programs of 2021

It’s not easy to discern what programs will suit you best, especially if you’re new to the whole affiliate marketing game. So, we’ve come up with a short list of our top overall travel affiliate programs that promise some of the highest commission rates and reliable services! You can use this list as a guiding tool to gently nudge you toward the right direction. That said, there are so many other programs out there as well that you can check out. Only you can truly know what programs work best for you.  

The first popular travel affiliate program on our list is You must have heard of the name since it’s quickly become the leading online travel agency. The Affiliate Program is a highly flexible one, offering many benefits and bonuses based on your performance. You can earn a commission of up to 0.8% depending on how many flight bookings you close. Hotel booking sales can land you a generous commission of up to 7%, train booking earns you $1.5 per sale, and tickets and tours land you up to 5% commission on each sale.



Model: CPS | Rate: 0.35 - 0.88$ / 0,60 - 4,92 % | Conversion type: Sell | Countries: Global |  Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate: 6,40% | Conversion type: Sell | Countries:  Global |  Preview: click



Model: CPS | Rate: 1,28% | Conversion type:  Sell | Countries: Global | Preview: click


Top10 travel affiliate programs:

  1. Affiliate program CompensAir
  2. Affiliate program Priceline
  3. Affiliate program Greca
  4. Affiliate program Myrentacar
  5. Affiliate program RaynaTours
  6. Affiliate program Infobus
  7. Affiliate program Rentalcars
  8. Affiliate program euroTICKET
  9. Affiliate program Sun&Snow
  10. Affiliate program Disneyland


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